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What’s New In Poetry, Atlanta, GA 9/6/2012 (Emory University, iTunes Link)

WriterHouse Interview 12/13/2013 (WriterHouse Charlottesville, VA)


John Henry (Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day)

The Children (Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day)

Of Late, I Have Been Thinking About Despair (Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day)

Theodore Bilbo Attends My Sickbed (VQR)

At the Repast (Poetry Magazine)

Meridian, MS 1981: Miss Polly Experiences The Consequences of Gravity (The Bakery)

Meridian, MS 1958: My Grandmother Meditates on the Miracles of the Christ (Boxcar Poetry Review)

Drinking with Mephistopheles (Boston Review)

How to Speak to the Dead (Rattle)

Childhood (Apple Valley Review)

Negroes Lie on Top of Weakening Levee and Save Day Near Greenville, MS  (DIAGRAM)

What We Say to the Fire (Inertia)

1920: In Duluth, Minnesota  (Linebreak)

 Astronauts  (Dead Mule School of Southern Literature)



Ain’t No Grave (The Rumpus)

Ain’t No Grave (Kenyon Review)

Ain’t No Grave (Los Angeles Review)

Zion (Nashville Scene / Chapter 16)

Zion (Lynn Domina)

Zion (Fogged Clarity / Paul Pickering)

Zion (The Rumpus / Rachel Edeleman)



Computer Engineering: A Fine Day Job for a Poet (The Atlantic)

Poets Online Talking About Coffee (Queen Mobs)

A Call to Write (Wellesley Magazine)

First Book Interviews: Ain’t No Grave (Keith Montesano)


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