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About the 100 Rejections Challenge

No editor could do what this shirt does to me.

More often than not, writers talk about rejection as being the worst thing to happen to us. After one spectacularly bad day of rejections (tip to editors: Thanksgiving? You can reject work on Thanksgiving?), I came to realize that maybe one can think about the submission process a little differently. I’ve been through my share of slush piles, so I know that sometimes it’s not about me.

While my writing might be lovely, I could have written the fifteenth poem about laundry that reader’s seen in the last twenty minutes. That poor intern/editor could have just had an argument with a significant other about laundry. This argument could haveĀ spiraledĀ out of control and suddenly this editor/intern is homeless, or worse– sleeping on his/her mother’s sofa. That poem never stood a chance.

I’ve not stopped dating because I was dumped by a bad man who would never suit me. Why would I let a little thing like a rejection from a magazine get me down? If I’ve produced the best work I can, shouldn’t I brush myself (and maybe the poem) off and start again?

Damn right I should. Maybe you should too.

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